While visiting Las Vegas for a juggling festival, I took time to visit Red Rock Canyon.


I already made plans to be at the Juggle Vegas festival in December of 2016, and wanted to add some sight seeing to my trip. The Grand Canyon was too far out of the way, so I decided to visit a more nearby park. Google Maps showed me Red Rock Canyon, just half an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip. I was sold! I booked a tour with Pink Jeep Tours online for about $100.

The Tour

I got up early to meet my tour guide. While I waited outside The Rio hotel, I saw a beautiful rainbow over the building! I took a bunch of pictures…and hotel security walked up and asked what I was doing. Never had that happen before. Once I showed them the rainbow pictures, everything was okay.

The Pink Jeep Tour arrived, and there was only one other couple in the car. I was the third passenger. The car was clean and comfortable. We were given free water and ponchos. The tour guide was very nice. He talked about how he grew up in Vegas and would play in Red Rock Canyon as a teenager.

On the drive over, I saw more rainbows. It was an amazing day for rainbows in Las Vegas.

The tour guide stopped at various locations in the canyon, and I walked around snapping photographs. It was a gorgeous area. Coming from NYC, the canyon had a landscape that was unfamiliar to me. I took lots of pictures of the unique desert plants around me.

The weather started to get windy and rainy, so the tour was cut short. But I was still able to get some amazing photos of the scenery.


Pink Jeep Tours made the trip fun and easy. They were very professional. Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful gem, and well worth a trip if you are ever in Las Vegas!