Cellular automata in Processing.js

How to use


This program was inspired by Mirek's Cellebration website, which talks in detail about cellular automata. These are mathematical simulations which involve iterating a collection of cells in a grid, based on a series of rules.

For instance, the well known automaton, Conway's Game of Life, has the following rules:

To see this in action, enter the rule 23/3/2 in the rule box.

I created this program using Processing.js. This is a powerful JavaScript visualization engine that uses canvas in HTML 5. Warning though, this simulation can be very CPU intensive!

Rules notation

Each rule has three parts: Survival rule, Birth rule and # of generations (S/B/G).

'Generations' Automata

Good examples include Brian's Brain ("/2/3") and Star Wars ("345/2/4"). More rules can be found here: MCell Rules Lexicon

Lets examine how the Star Wars rule works: 345/2/4.

Technologies Learned from this Project

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