I built my own charting library using D3.js. This is an extension from my experience working on NVD3 at Novus Partners!

Source Code | More Examples


I gained a new appreciation of the power of data visualizations after joining Novus Partners. Novus built the famous NVD3 Charting Library, and I had the pleasure of working on that open source project. I learned a lot about d3.js, and it’s unique way of handling data.

After gaining enough experience, I took a stab at making my own charting library. Some basic features I wanted:

  • Clean code!
  • Smooth animations
  • Easy to use data format
  • Ability to combine different chart types
  • Robust tooltip system
  • A good legend system
  • Ability to add line markers and sections to the chart
  • Ability for charts to communicate with each other

It took a while to develop, but the result is fairly impressive. You can see an example above.

Technology Used

I built the library using d3.js version 3.5. I wrote the code using Coffeescript. View the Source Code.